July 2014 – Belleville, Paris, France – “Success Is the Best Revenge”

While I was in Paris for my cousin’s wedding, I took an afternoon to paint my other big cousin Elodie Yung, who could not make it to the celebration…

I’d like to congratulate  Elodie for her brilliant career as an acterss and for her new role as Elektra, in Marvel’s Daredevil 2nd season! A big cheers to your parents and to every mom and dad who encourage and push their kids to follow their dreams and passions – whatever it may be!

One life to live…

Anything can happen and suddenly end. History told us so and continue to do so. Remember the path our parents had to take, the destiny of those who left us too early… Let’s try to do things the right way and realize them to the fullest!

Oh..and big up to my homie NWASH VG FT for introducing me to his neighbourhood during this great afternoon!